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On Greer's side, both Spartanburg and Greenville are using the hotel development to expand and develop downtown. The city has turned the area into a pub in recent years and local AirBnB rentals have left it with nowhere to accommodate large groups of people. Greers has a great mix of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the city centre.

The Marriott on Church Street has become a venue for major events, and even hosted a wake party for President Donald Trump during the state's primary election.

A Greer hotel will continue to encourage people to explore downtown, a trend that city authorities are seeing becoming increasingly popular, Owens said. In Greenville, the historic Westin Poinsett has been revived and has become a major attraction in the emerging downtown area. The hotel would add another attraction to the price - an award-winning restaurant, Danner said, as well as a new bar and restaurant. A Hilton brand hotel to be built in downtown Greers will expand the footprint of the downtown area and provide an anchor and enhance its appeal beyond its current location on Church Street.

We are seeing a growing number of hotels in the area, particularly downtown Greer and Greenville and other parts of the state, "Danner said.

The South Carolina tender listed below has been issued by a number of hotels in the state, including Rfps Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Greenville, Hyatt Regency Charleston and Hilton Garden Inn. It has been reported that EVs will be introduced in PCS health services at home, but they have not released details of their plans. However, they appear to be moving towards a closed model, with no government - but rather specific electric vehicles or suppliers - contracted.

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