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If you're looking for a place to enjoy nature, there's no shortage of such places in South Carolina. In the upstate and western North Carolina, there are plenty of scenic outdoor spots to explore and enjoy. Whether you are an adventurer or a laid-back explorer, Greenville has many great places to eat, drink, play and explore.

Lake Conestee Nature Park is a nature reserve where you can see a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, birds of prey and other wildlife. Wildlife sightings are common, such as the endangered Green Salamander, and there's nothing else you can find in Greenville County.

Jones Gap State Park offers visitors scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a variety of wildlife. Nearby attractions include the Greenville County Museum of Natural History, South Carolina State Museum and Springing Springs Nature Center.

The Greenville County Museum of Art charges admission, which is amazing considering the amazing artworks on display here. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, the museum offers hands-on learning on a variety of topics including science, history, literature and art. Other attractions include the Pickens County Art Museum and I recommend "Do a free thing" to learn more. Located in the heart of Picken County, just a few miles south of Columbia and on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is one of my favorite places in North Carolina to visit.

Oconee State Park is a great base, but if you're more of a stamina challenge, you can choose from a long list of hikes in the region. Hikers will want to venture up Croft Mountain, the highest point on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. Follow the signs to find Pretty Place and the chapel, then head south into Blue Ridge National Park.

It is also adjacent to Greenville - Spartanburg International Airport and is home to the South Carolina Inland Port. Located just half an hour away, this is worth a day trip to Pickens. Greer is an intermodal facility that receives containers and sends them by rail to and from the port of Charleston. It is also the site of one of the first inland ports built for container handling, and it is a short drive through the picturesque countryside far from Greenboro, the state's second largest city.

In terms of resources, South Carolina has one of the highest concentrations of natural resources in the country and the second highest population density. The city is also just a short drive from Greenboro via US Route 29, which borders Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and a few miles off Interstate 95.

Half of the places on this list are just a few miles from Greenville - the state's second-largest airport, Spartanburg International Airport. Five of them have their city limits included in the US Environmental Policy Act (EPA).

The city has a number of public parks and leisure facilities, as well as a public library. The 12-hectare Greer City Park is located next to Greers City Hall and offers numerous leisure activities next to the HistoricGreer Station. It is part of the City of Greater Municipal Complex, completed in 2008 and the largest public park in South Carolina and the second largest in North Carolina.

Whether you're hiking in the Parisian mountain park, picking peaches in the fishermen's garden or looking for treats at the barn flea market, Greer is a place of fun. Entry is free, so you don't have to step over the banks to hike, fish, picnic and enjoy other leisure activities in the city parks for a day.

With so many sights and activities, you'll never have a boring moment in Greer, South Carolina. Century Park in Greer offers visitors an 18-hole disco golf course that winds through trees and streams. Lake Lure and the gorges of Hickory Nut form the next picture - perfect backdrop for photos, the view stretches over 75 miles. The South Charleston State Museum offers excursions where students can explore all four floors including the planetarium and observatory.

Caesar's Head State Park, located on the Blue Ridge Escarpment, is known for its breathtaking panoramic views of Greenville County, overlooking Mount Pleasant, the capital of the state of South Carolina. Bald rock is a must for those looking out at a granite football field, but you'll miss one of the most beautiful views in the entire state of North Carolina: Caesar's headland. Caesar Head State Park is located just a few miles north of Greer on Interstate 95 and is located in a small town of about 1,500 people.

Greer is located just a few miles from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), which serves Greenville, Spartansburg and the Upstate. Located in the heart of South Carolina, north of the state capital, Greer is at the center of a number of cultural and natural attractions located on the Blue Ridge Escarpment, home to many of North Carolina's most popular attractions.

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