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Greer is one of my favorite places in Greenville / Spartanburg, with tons of places to eat, shop and chill out. The Upstate of Western North Carolina is a great place to explore, eat, drink, play and play. The city also houses some of the best restaurants and bars in the Upstate, as well as a number of great museums and art galleries. It is just a short drive from Greenboro, where the GSP serves as the upstate and is only about an hour and a half from the state's largest city, Charlotte.

They offer a never-ending range of craft projects that turn any project into Pinterest - worthy art, and they host workshops to help you create a piece worthy of home that you can proudly present. About 30% of them have studios, which they convert into studios. They host a variety of art events, from art exhibitions to art workshops and art fairs. Many of the best artists in the state, musicians and musicians are members, as are many of our local artists.

Theatre Department produces at least two large productions per semester, and non-major students are welcome to make their time available for setting design. Whether it's painting, sculpture, drawing, art journalism or whatever, take one of our favorite art courses in the state to improve your creative skills. You can try a little bit of everything, but the courses on glass fusion and essential oils can help you to broaden your art - to make knowledge and inspire you to create something beautiful.

If you don't know much about an artist, but have important information to share, we are pleased that you can also contact the registrar at Then you can submit a biography and be selected as an artist or select a professional artist to judge the submissions we accept and give you helpful feedback as you continue to grow as an artist. If you are not currently registered with a dealer or museum, click here to register for the online dealer registration program of the South Carolina Art Dealers Association.

Note: The biography will be available in full on Fridays and the rest of the biographies of the week are only available to subscribers. The creation and improvement of the biography is an ongoing project, but we are happy to receive information from knowledgeable viewers.

Note: Artists not classified as Americans in our database have limited biographical data compared to the extensive information on American artists. If you love art, there is a stunning piece on the wall that serves as the backdrop to the room, and the staff is friendly and attentive. There is no list of artists, but there are some artists you can refer to on our website for more information about their work. For premium dealers and museums that have already registered with askART, the best approach is to select an artist from the list of artists available on their website and submit your biography there.

Exotic Birds, located at the southern end of the terminal near the baggage claim, and Ode to the Great Wren, located at the northern end of the terminal's conference centre. Visitors can also see it in its original location in a small gallery on the first floor of a downtown Charlotte building.

I-85 is 140 miles northeast to Charlotte, North Carolina, and US Route 29 is just a short drive from Greenville, South Carolina's second largest city. If you want more of a small - urban feel or a larger - urban feel, there is another option in the state capital of Greensville.

Following the established style of intense coloring, there are more than 18 paintings of cars and buildings on display, which awaken a new appreciation for the architecture and vehicles of the past. Greer artist Patrick A. DeCrane will exhibit his work at the Greenville Museum of Art. On Saturday, May 6, there will be a free public reception for this exhibit from 2 to 5 p.m., and the public can view the exhibition and two others on the second Saturday of each month from April to June. You can enjoy the work of some well-known guest artists, but also some new ones.

Greer City Park is part of the City of Greer complex, which was completed in 2008. Located next to Greers City Hall, the 12-acre Greer City Park offers numerous recreational opportunities next to Historic Greer Station and is the largest public park in South Carolina.

The facility is continuously equipped with the latest technology and there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. It's a reward to see the artist files grow, and others may be eager to supplement what we have to offer. The previous timetable is only available on the basis of first come, first served basis for a limited period of time.

More About Greer

More About Greer