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Charter Communications is holding an open house to fill the positions of field technicians to accommodate the company's expansion into the Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson areas of South Carolina. Target is holding two job fairs this week to rent for its stores in Greenville, Spartansburg & Anderson. Verizon Wireless is holding an open house to fill vacancies for its Verizon - centered wireless telesale in Spartanberg County. Participants will receive an interview for all available jobs and the chance to win free gas from SPINX monthly.

If you have a disability and have difficulty accessing any part of this website or applying for a job, please contact us by email at integritystaffe @ Applicants who require adequate accommodations to complete a profile or submit an answer to qualified questions can contact Reginald Stewart at 1-866-730-1021. During the interview period (without leave), an employee of our company will contact you to discuss the information you provide and to help you complete your request.

Prospective applicants should apply in advance at / careers or visit the counter before making a personal application. You can also visit our site by calling us at 864 - 627 - 4300 or by visiting our sites or sending us an e-mail.

While you are going through the application review process, you may receive an email asking you to perform a background check and authorization. Please return to create an account, update your application, add an attachment, and view the application.

If you are a GCSD employee who has no contractual apprenticeship and is applying for a teaching position, you can apply via the internal application process. Note: If you have more than one application, if you apply for more than one vacancy.

Make sure your name, title, phone number and email are listed for all supervisors who are monitoring your work in an oversight role.

At this point, all applicants, including those who previously applied to the former teacher pool, must go to the Job Advertisements tab in the application system and begin applying for the specific position (s) that interest them. State, certificate holder must enclose a copy of the certificate you hold and apply for SC certification ASAP. If you are currently in a teacher training program, it is helpful, but not necessary, to attach the letter indicating that you are enrolling in this program and indicating the expected date of graduation or graduation. Information about this process is available on the website of the SC Department of Education. If you do not have a state certificate, you must seek reciprocity.

This article must not be construed as affecting any employer's rights vis-à-vis a potential employee who is applying for employment or a current employee who has previously applied to a public agency or private employer in South Carolina. If a person who has already been convicted of one or more crimes is denied a license or employment by a state or local law enforcement agency, public authorities and private employers, they must make a written statement setting out the reasons for that refusal. FedEx Express considers all qualified applicants with an arrest or conviction.

The provisions of this Article are enforceable in accordance with the division of human rights, in accordance with the powers and procedures of Article 15 of the Executive Law. Public order in that State encourages the application of criminal sanctions against persons previously convicted of one or more offences. This law expresses the state's commitment to fair and equal treatment of all people, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Greenville, South Carolina, home to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is a world-class university with a rich history of groundbreaking artists, a vibrant art scene and a diverse workforce. The city's diverse culture, vibrant economy, diverse arts scene and vibrant community have made Greenville an exciting place to live and work.

They have to work with fire and flammable materials and are exposed to falling hazards when climbing ladders and stairs. You concentrate on your tasks and integrate with other members of the fire brigade and other fire brigades in the area. Lieutenants, battalion leaders and the fire chief give certain orders and instructions, but you have to be able to communicate effectively with the other groups and authorities involved. When using MVA, you are not only exposed to fast-moving traffic, but also to dangerous conditions such as smoke, fire, smoke inhalation and heat stroke. They expose themselves to electric shocks, especially when working on electrical wires and climbing ladders and stairs.

They must have the ability to behave in public and have a strong sense of duty and respect for other members of the fire service and other authorities.

Mastery of the PC is required, including knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Windows. They must behave in public and have a good understanding of how to operate a computer such as keyboard, mouse, keyboard and mouse pad, as well as the operating system.